Verdicts And Significant Cases

Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP, has handled some of the most significant cases in the Bay Area and California. A number of the cases have had national implications and have not only resulted in large verdicts and settlements for clients, but also have at times contributed to important changes in our society. Please click here to learn about some of these significant effects in our society.

The fact that the results below are listed in order of the amount of money awarded does not mean that the cases with the largest awards or settlements were the most significant. Many of the cases that are included which settled for confidential or relatively lower monetary amounts were very significant, not only for the plaintiff, but for consumers in general. Please click here to read more.

Many of the cases that Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP, has settled are highly confidential. In order to provide consumers with an accurate list of settlements, we have accurately stated the amount of the settlement and the facts of the case, but we have changed the location of the cases and the industry of the companies we have sued to make the identification of the actual company impossible. Please read the Disclaimer below before viewing the information provided here.

  • $6,800,000-
    4 Young Boys Were Sexually Molested By A Male Teacher At Their Elementary School.

    Plaintiffs were four boys who were sexually abused by their fourth grade teacher. The perpetrator-teacher (a male) taught at the defendant School District from 1997-1999. During that time, he molested two of the plaintiffs who were in his fourth grade class.

    The teacher left the school district in June 1999 and gained employment at another school district in September. In January 2000, several boys in his fourth grade class complained of improper touching by the teacher. Learn More
  • $4,461,636 --
    Judgment in Sexual Harassment Case Against FedEx

    Two employees who alleged that they were sexually harassed by a co-worker brought a case against FedEx. The case resulted in a total verdict of $2,328,000, plus an award of attorney fees and costs, raising the total judgment to $4,461,636.40. Learn More
  • $3,850,000 –
    Female Plaintiff in Her Early Twenties Sues Medical Supply Company for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

    Plaintiff was in her mid twenties, working as a clerk for a large medical supply company. She claimed that she was sexually harassed and retaliated against by her supervisor. The company investigated the sexual harassment complaints and made a no substantiation finding, but made a finding in plaintiff’s favor in the retaliation case. During litigation the company claimed it handled the situation appropriately. Winer and McKenna established that the offending supervisor was never appropriately disciplined and despite an earlier warning that he would be terminated if he committed one more wrongful act, defendant was not terminated when he was later found guilty of retaliation. Officers at the very highest level of the organization protected the supervisor, thereby exposing the company to the risk of a large punitive damage award which accounts for the result.
  • $3,850,000 -
    Settlement for a single-plaintiff sexual harassment case against a large insurer
  • $3,400,000 -
    Two Female Employees to Settle Verbal Harassment and Intimidation Case Against National Cosmetics Company

    Plaintiffs were 2 female employees. who worked in the service and delivery departments of a large cosmetic company. Learn More
  • $2,750,000 --
    Ten-Year-Old Girl Raped by 28-Year-Old Actor at a Theater Company

    A ten-year-old girl attended a theater school on a daily basis after her elementary school day ended. One day she was alone in the locker room at the theater company after a rehearsal when a 28-year-old man, who had just had one of his scripts turned down by the theater company, cornered her in the locker room, took her to a secluded large closet and brutally raped her, causing severe psychological damage. Learn More
  • $2,490,000 --
    Three Women Sexually Harassed by Supervisors at Large Rental Company Learn More
  • $2,328,000 --
    Verdict in Sexual Harassment Case Against FedEx

    Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP represented two women who were sexually harassed by a co-worker at the FedEx Sunnyvale, California station. Learn More
  • $2,300,000 --
    Two Women Who Were Sexually Harassed While Working at FedEx. Learn More

  • $2,000,000 --
    Two Filipino and Two Hispanic Employees Were Discriminated Against

    Based on Race and Nationality Retaliated Against by a Large Southern California Retail Company

    This case involved two Filipino and two Hispanic employees 2 males and 2 females who claimed that their employer first discriminated against them and then retaliated against them once the employees brought claims of discrimination. Learn More
  • $2,000,000 -
    30-Year-Old Woman Sexually Abused by Psychologist at Southern California Outpatient Treatment Facility

    Plaintiff was a 30-year-old woman who was referred to a psychologist due to her chronic leg pain not responding to traditional physical treatment modalities. Defendant was a specialist in treating patients with physical disorders. Learn More
  • $2,000,000 --
    Three Women Who Were Sexually Harassed During Physical Exams by a Company Doctor

    Plaintiffs in this case were three young women who were employees of defendant hospital. As part of their yearly physicals, they had to be examined by a male doctor who was on staff at the hospital. Plaintiffs alleged that the doctor sexually harassed them by inappropriately touching them during the physical examinations. They retained Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP. Learn More
  • $1,950,000 –
    Female Plaintiff in Her Early 20s Sexually Harassed by Plant Manager of a Large Manufacturing Company Learn More
  • $1,900,000 –
    Bad Faith Claim against Insurer Learn More
  • $1,900,000 --
    Sexually Harassed/Abused Male Students Obtain Settlement Against School Learn More
  • $1,860,000 -
    Teenage girls sexually abused by their volleyball coach

    2 girls were sexually abused by their volleyball coach at school and on a private volleyball team. The volleyball coach manipulated the young girls into trusting him and befriending him. He then got them addicted to drugs and engaged in sexual relations with them for an extended period of time. Learn More
  • $1,725,000 -
    Employees Settle Race and Gender Discrimination Case

    Plaintiffs were several female employees who claimed gender discrimination and a combination of male and female employees who claimed discrimination based on the fact that they were Hispanic. They wall worked for a large transportation company. Several of the plaintiffs were truck drivers who alleged that as women and/or Hispanics they were given inferior routes and had to perform more heavy labor than their male counterparts. Another plaintiff worked in the front office and claimed that she was paid substantially less than a male counterpart who performed the exact same functions. Learn More
  • $1,566,000 --
    Woman Mis-prescribed Drugs and Sexually Abused by Her Psychiatrist, Internist and Priest Learn More
  • $1,500,000 –
    Two Male Security Guards at a Dance Club Sexually Harassed by Male District Manager of the Club

    Plaintiffs, two African-American males in their mid-20s, suffered months of verbal and physical sexual harassment at the hands of a gay district manager. The Corporation refused to take the case seriously, claiming that Plaintiffs were two big strong men who could easily defend themselves and thus were essentially not harassable. Learn More
  • $1,500,000 –
    Bad Faith Denial of Disability Insurance Benefits to Disabled Firefighter

    Plaintiff was a former firefighter who was ordered by his doctor to stop working in his field due to increasingly severe heart problems. He had suffered two myocardial infarctions in one year and was at risk for developing congestive heart failure. Learn More
  • $1,500,000 --
    Five Newspaper Boys Molested by Employee of Newspaper Learn More
  • $1,450,000 --
    Men Bring Disability and Racial Discrimination Case Against a Large Machinery Company

    Plaintiffs were four men who worked for a large machinery company. Their positions within the company varied from sales to service. They claimed that they were subjected to a hostile work environment and were subjected to abuse and discrimination by a tyrannical manager of the company. Learn More
  • $1,423,000 -
    Female Patient Wins $1,423,000 in a Physical and Sexual Abuse Case Against her Psychotherapist

    Plaintiff, a young woman in her early 20s who had a very disturbed childhood, began treating with a female psychologist she met at a counseling center. Over time, the psychologist inappropriately engaged plaintiff in a personal, sexual relationship which culminated in a fight in which the therapist attacked plaintiff, and then used her authority to have plaintiff arrested and criminal charges brought against her. Learn More
  • $1,300,000 –
    Two Women Sexually Harassed at Factory Site Owned by a Large National Corporation

    Plaintiffs were two women who suffered sexual harassment at the hands of a supervisor at a factory. Witnesses saw the supervisor leering at the plaintiffs and plaintiffs complained of the sexual harassment but were not helped out by the company, so they sought the services of Winer and McKenna. Winer and McKenna, through aggressive discovery were able to prove the plaintiffs sexual harassment claims were likely viable and the case settled after multiple mediations.
  • $1,250,000 --
    Three Women Bring Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Case Against National Company Selling Home Products Learn More
  • $1,225,000 -
    Two Female Prison Guards Alleging Sexual Harassment by the Warden of Their Prison

    Plaintiffs alleged that the warden at a prison where they worked verbally sexually harassed them on a frequent basis. When plaintiffs and another woman finally complained the investigation took almost a year to complete, despite the fact that California law mandates a prompt and reasonable investigation. Learn More
  • $1,200,000 –
    Five Women Sexually Harassed and Discriminated Against at Sports Related Facility

    Five women brought a case against their employer, a sports related facility that was trying to appeal to male customers by having the women dress in sexually seductive clothing. The women were discriminated against and treated unequally compared to the male employees, and were sexually harassed by customers and supervisors a like. Defendants denied any misconduct, however Winer and McKenna was able to establish that sexual harassment and the discrimination likely occurred and that plaintiffs received psychological injuries as a result of the abuse. Cases settled for a variety of dollar amounts totaling $1,200,000.
  • $1,100,000 --
    Seven Waitresses Bring Sexual Harassment Case Against Restaurant

    This case involved seven young women in their early twenties who were working part-time as waitresses. Each of the women claimed to be subjected to varying degrees of sexual harassment from the male cooks at the restaurant. They alleged the cooks would frequently make catcalls at them, and made crude and offensive sexual remarks. The women further claimed these men would touch them often and without reason on their hands and arms. Several of the women alleged the cooks would block their passage and slam into them with carts of food. A few of the women stated the cooks had touched their breasts and buttocks. Learn More
  • $1,100,000 --
    Elderly Tenants Sue Landlord and General Contractor for Nuisance and Emotional Distress During Construction Project Learn More
  • $1,007,809 –
    Male Plaintiff Sexually Harassed at a Large California Consumer Goods Company

    Plaintiff, a male in his mid-twenties, claimed he was sexually harassed and retaliated against at his male-dominated company by male co-workers who perceived him to be gay and effeminate. Co-workers made sexually harassing comments towards plaintiff and treated him roughly during the course of his employment. Further, one supervisor exposed himself to plaintiff in an apparent attempt to hit on plaintiff. Winer and McKenna, through extensive litigation, established that the company had an out of control sexual culture in which the male employees treated other male employees terribly, particularly if they were perceived to be gay or effeminate. It was further established that employees were scared to report the harassment because of the code of silence and feared retaliation. After contentious litigation an attorney’s fee motion was made once plaintiff accepted defendant’s statutory offer and the total amount of the settlement plus attorney’s fees resulted in a seven figure settlement.
  • $1,000,000 -
    Woman sexually abused as a teenager by police officers she worked with

    This case was brought 25 years after the sexual abuse occurred under a specific California statute that opened up the statute of limitations for 1 year due to the church sex abuse cases. Plaintiff was a teenage Explorer Scout at a police department in Southern California. Two police officers sexually assaulted and abused her, causing life long emotional distress and damages. Learn More
  • $1,000,000 --
    Female Locomotive Engineer sues Employer for Sex Discrimination, Retaliation and a Hostile Work Environment. Learn More
  • $1,000,000 --
    28-Year-Old Man Receives a Traumatic Brain Injury in a Truck Accident Learn More
  • $950,000 --
    Fledgling Actress Has 26-Year Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with Psychiatrist Learn More
  • $900,000 -
    Young Woman Wins Sex Abuse Case Against Her Psychotherapist and Assault Case Against Her Psychotherapist’s Husband

    Plaintiff was a woman in her twenties suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. She sought the treatment of a Northern California psychotherapist. The female psychotherapist ended up in a sexual relationship with the plaintiff. When the psychotherapist’s husband found out about the sexual relationship he entered the patient’s house with a gun, threatening to kill the plaintiff. He was arrested. Learn More
  • $800,000 –
    Thirty Year Male Member of an Organization Sexually Harassed by Various Supervisors Over The Entire Thirty Year Period

    Plaintiff sought the services of Winer and McKenna to help him receive compensation for the thirty years of sexual harassment at the hands of various supervisors in the organization in which he worked. The organization denied any misconduct and attempted to point out that it was very unlikely that plaintiff, as claimed, was sexually harassed by over ten different supervisors. Winer and McKenna sent plaintiff to a psychiatrist for evaluation to not only establish the significant nature of his psychological injury, but also, to help establish the veracity of his claims of misconduct and the fact the he was vulnerable to the type of sexual harassment to which he was exposed.
  • $800,000 --
    Settlement After a Three Week Trial in a Workplace Sexual Harassment Case Learn More
  • $800,000 --
    Four Boys Molested by Pastor in Rural Northern California County Learn More
  • $800,000 -
    Elderly Disabled Man Wins Disability Discrimination Settlement and Elder Abuse Case Against his Healthcare Provider

    Plaintiff was a wheelchair-bound, elderly man who alleged that his healthcare providers failed to appropriately address his disability, thus discriminating against him, and further grossly neglected his care by failing to attend to his needs, causing him to become extremely dysfunctional and unable to care for his needs, thus becoming completely dependent on his family. Learn More
  • $800,000 -
    Female Mortgage Company Employee Wins $800,000 Settlement Based on Verbal Harassment, an Attempted Kiss and Retaliation

    Plaintiff was a 40 year old employee of a large national mortgage company. She claimed that her work environment became hostile when her supervisor began making inappropriate comments about her looks. One day, when her supervisor came back from a business trip he forced her against a wall and attempted two times to kiss her. Learn More
  • $750,000 -
    Two African-American Women Sexually Harassed by Their Supervisor at a Retail Food Outlet Learn More
  • $750,000 –
    Bad Faith Termination of Disability Insurance Benefits to Disabled Former Nurse

    Plaintiff, a San Francisco resident, was employed as an operating room nurse for twenty years prior to the onset of bulging discs in her back that prevented her from twisting, bending, or lifting any objects greater than 15 pounds. To treat her constant back pain Plaintiff was required to take a variety of painkilling medications, all of which had serious side effects that kept her from being able to focus, remember details, or think on her feet. Learn More
  • $750,000 –
    Bad Faith Termination of Disability Insurance Benefits to Former Paralegal with Traumatic Brain Injury

    Plaintiff was a paralegal for nearly twenty years until he was hit by a car and rendered unconscious. The result of this accident was traumatic brain injury that severely impaired his ability to reason, to think clearly and quickly, and to make decisions. This brain damage and resulting cognitive impairments were objectively verified by several board certified neurosurgeons and documented in MRIs and CT scans. Learn More
  • $750,000 --
    Case in Which a Male-to-Female Transsexual Sued Ex Therapist For Negligence And Abuse Learn More
  • $750,000 --
    22-Year-Old Woman Alleges Sexual Abuse at Alcoholic Rehab Facility by Owner Manager and Bank VP Learn More
  • $700,000 –
    Woman in Her 40s Sexually Abused by Her Psychotherapist Learn More
  • $675,000 --
    Three Patients Allege They Were Lured into Drug and Sex Parties by Their Therapists Learn More
  • $625,000 –
    Two Female Employees Sexually Harassed at Large California Chain Store

    Two young female employees were sexually harassed by a supervisor at their company. The company refused to provide adequate compensation even after Winer and McKenna aggressively litigated the case, throwing the case into arbitration (trial) in front of an arbitrator instead of a jury. Plaintiffs won the arbitration and they were not only awarded compensation, but also attorneys’ fees. The total of that amount was $625,000.
  • $610,000 –
    Gender Harassment/Discrimination Claim Brought by a Female in Her 20s against Multiple Supervisors at a Construction Site Learn More
  • $600,000 –
    Two Women in Their 30s Sexually Harassed by Superior of Multi-Media Company Learn More
  • $600,000 --
    Doctor Commits Malpractice and Sexually Abuses Patient Learn More
  • $600,000 --
    Patients at Alcoholic Rehab Center Held Against Will and Abused Learn More
  • $600,000 --
    Psychologist-in-Training Sues Psychoanalyst for Negligence and Abuse Learn More
  • $550,000 –
    Bad Faith Termination of Disability Insurance Benefits to Former Teacher with Seizure Disorder

    Plaintiff was an elementary school teacher in Sacramento for fifteen years who at age 40 developed a seizure disorder. She required several brain surgeries that removed entire sections of her brain. Her disorder, coupled with the side effects that resulted from the removal of portions of her brain, rendered Plaintiff unable to continue in her teaching position. Learn More
  • $540,803 –
    Three Male Plaintiffs Sexually Harassed by Male Supervisors in a Factory Learn More
  • $500,000 –
    Latino Male Sexually Harassed and Retaliated Against at a National Chain

    Plaintiff, a Latino male in his late twenties was an illegal immigrant working at a national chain. The supervisor at that chain sexually harassed him by making aggressive sexual advances towards plaintiff and performing oral sex on plaintiff off the premises. Winer and McKenna was able to establish that, more likely than not, the sexual harassment occurred, and also that the company failed in its responsibility to conduct a fair, prompt and reasonable investigation. Employees of the company who conducted the investigation took no notes and did not follow standard investigation practices for such an investigation. Winer and McKenna also sent the plaintiff out for a psychological evaluation and it was determined that he needed several hundred thousand dollars of treatment for future psychotherapy. The case was heavily litigated and settled on the courtroom steps.
  • $500,000 –
    Young Woman Sexually Harassed and Retaliated Against by Supervisor at Southern California Medical Clinic

    Plaintiff, a young woman, was allegedly sexually harassed by her supervisor and multiple others in the company. Rather than accepting responsibility for their actions, defendant denied any responsibility. Winer and McKenna, through aggressive litigation established that the sexual harassment likely occurred, that defendants failed to properly investigate plaintiff’s allegations, and that plaintiff was later retaliated against.
  • $500,000 –
    Male Plaintiff Sexually Harassed at a National Transportation Company

    Plaintiff, a man in his twenties, worked off location at a national transportation company. The supervisor of the location subjected plaintiff to unwanted pornography, touched plaintiff inappropriately and made inappropriate sexual comments towards plaintiff. The company attempted to defend the supervisor’s actions by claiming that it was just horse-play between male employees and not actually sexually orientated. Winer and McKenna, through witnesses and plaintiff’s testimony was able to demonstrate the sexually harassing nature of the supervisor’s conduct, and that the lewd sexual conduct was unwanted by plaintiff, who was forced to watch the pornography by the supervisor. Despite nominal wage loss the case reached a substantial settlement.
  • $500,000 –
    Returning Iraq War Veteran Discriminated Against Based Upon His Race and His War Induced Disability and Forced to Quit by Company He Worked for Prior to Being Called to Duty Brings USERRA Claim Learn More
  • $500,000 –
    Thirty-Eight Year Old Woman Sexually Harassed by Vice-President of a Large Construction Company Learn More
  • $500,000 --
    Judgment against Pacific Bell for sexual harassment of a male employee by his male supervisor Learn More
  • $500,000 -
    African American Employees Win Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

    Plaintiffs were four African American women who were employed by a health service provider. They alleged that they were not treated as well as Caucasian employees and that the president of the company made numerous derogatory racial remarks. Learn More
  • $500,000 -
    Asian Woman Wins Sexual Harassment Settlement Against Large Computer Company

    Plaintiff was a 35 year old, foreign-born, married employee of a large computer company. She claimed that her supervisor (from the same country as plaintiff) coerced her into performing oral sex on him on 3 occasions. After the third occasion she became so disgusted that she told her husband about the harassment and a report was made to the company. Learn More
  • $500,000 -
    Fifteen Year Old Girl Molested by a Doctor at a Hospital

    Plaintiff was a 15 year old girl who was recovering from a significant brain surgery at a hospital. Plaintiff alleged that a neurosurgeon who was following her recovery molested her two times. Plaintiff reported the first molest to her mother. Her mother reported the molest to the hospital and asked them to make sure that it never happened again. The hospital failed to take appropriate action and the second molest occurred. Learn More
  • $500,000 --
    Woman Sues National Corporation for Sexual Harassment by a Division President Learn More
  • $500,000 --
    Woman's Psychological Condition Deteriorates as Result of Psychiatrist Malpractice and Abuse Learn More
  • $500,000 --
    Four Employees of a Funeral Business Claim Discrimination, Retaliation and Illegal Practices Learn More
  • $500,000 --
    Kindergartners Allegedly Molested by Teacher Learn More
  • $500,000 --
    Parking Lot Assault and Rape of Two Learn More
  • $490,000 --
    Psychiatrist Addicts Patient to Tranquilizers and Begins Living with Patient and Her Family Learn More
  • $485,000 –
    Male Plaintiff Working at a National Chain Sexually Harassed Because of His Perceived Homosexual Orientation

    Plaintiff, a young man in his late twenties, worked for a national chain. Everything was going well at his job, until one day he was visited by a gay friend at the job and from that time on all the employees of the company perceived plaintiff to be gay and made anti-homophobic comments against him, ostracized him, and refused to work cooperatively with him. As a result of the sexual harassment, plaintiff had a nervous break-down, a psychotic episode, and ended up hospitalized. By performing an extensive investigation, Winer and McKenna was able to turn up evidence which tended to establish the accuracy of plaintiff’s allegations, and had plaintiff evaluated by a psychiatrist who confirmed the seriousness of his psychological injury.
  • $460,000 --
    Daughters Sue Doctor Father for Incest Learn More
  • $450,000 –
    Woman Sexually Harassed by Supervisor

    Plaintiff was a middle age woman who worked in a factory in Northern California. During the course of her employment, her supervisor made lewd sexual advances toward her and inappropriately sexually touched her. During litigation the supervisor denied any inappropriate conduct. Winer and McKenna was able to establish through witnesses and taking the supervisor’s deposition that, he in fact did engage in sexually inappropriate conduct and made inappropriate statements toward plaintiff.
  • $450,000 --
    A Straight Male Employee Sexually Harassed by Supervisors Based on Their False Belief That He Was Gay Learn More
  • $450,000 --
    Woman Brings Sexual Harassment Claim Against Governmental Entity Learn More
  • $450,000 --
    Four Women Sue Psychologist Who Convinced Them That They Had Been Abducted by UFOs Learn More
  • $425,000 –
    Woman in Her Late Twenties Sexually Harassed at a Restaurant

    Plaintiff, a woman in her late twenties, worked as a waitress in a restaurant in rural California. Her supervisor at the restaurant sexually harassed her, both through inappropriate touching and other lewd sexual behavior and comments. Defendant’s insurance company did not want to adequately compensate plaintiff for her injuries despite the fact the plaintiff made an excellent witness who was even believed by the defense counsel. As a result, Winer and McKenna had to aggressively litigated the case, and was able to achieve just compensation on behalf of plaintiff.
  • $425,000 -
    Three Female and One Male Employee Claim Sexual Harassment Against Nightclub

    Plaintiffs were 3 waitresses and 1 waiter who worked at a medium-sized nightclub chain. The waitresses alleged that they were sexually harassed by inappropriate sexual comments and come-ons perpetrated by the nightclub managers. The male employee claimed that the managers sexually harassed him by hiring a prostitute to attempt to sexually seduce him while the managers secretly watched and made fun of the employee at his expense. Learn More
  • $400,000 –
    Female Attorney in Her 20s Sexually Harassed by Chief Attorney in Their Government Entity Department Learn More
  • $400,000 –
    Female College Student Sexually Harassed and Abused by Her Psychotherapist in the College Counseling Program Learn More
  • $400,000 -
    Female Scientist Wins $400,000 in Sexual Harassment Case Against Her Employer

    Plaintiff was a scientist in her late 30s working for a medical research company. Shortly after she began her employment one of the executives of the company pursued a romantic relationship with plaintiff. Plaintiff consensually entered into that relationship. However, once the executive began to be abusive within the relationship she extricated herself from the relationship and made it clear that she was not interested in any further contact. Learn More
  • $400,000 --
    40-Year-Old Patient and Employee Sues Doctor for Sexual Harassment Learn More
  • $400,000 --
    Male Employee Alleges Sexual Harassment Against Store Learn More
  • $375,000 –
    50 Year-old Woman Sexually Harassed by Two Supervisors at Low Income Housing Development Learn More
  • $375,000 –
    Male Waiter Sexually Harassed by Multiple Coworkers at a Restaurant Learn More
  • $350,000 –
    Woman in Her 20s Sexually Harassed by Managing Agent of Computer Software Company Learn More
  • $350,000 -
    Department Store Clerk Sexually Harassed by Graveyard Shift Supervisor Learn More
  • $350,000 –
    Gay Male Plaintiff Makes a Sexual Orientation and Disability Harassment Claim against a Supervisor of a Production Company Learn More
  • $350,000 --
    Plastic Surgeon Has Sexual Relationship with Three Women Patients Learn More
  • $350,000 --
    Woman Sexually Harassed by Supervisor at Bank Where She Worked Learn More
  • $350,000 --
    Psychologist Brings Sexual Abuse and Malpractice Case Against Treating Psychiatrist
  • $350,000 -
    "Visual" Sexual Harassment Settlement Against a Large Electronics Company Learn More
  • $350,000-
    Gay Male Claims Sexual Harassment and Discrimination by Straight Supervisor Learn More
  • $345,000 –
    Three Women Sexually Harassed at a Mall Chain Store

    Three plaintiffs who worked at a chain store in a mall were sexually harassed by their supervisor who denied any misconduct. Winer and McKenna established that the misconduct likely occurred and the women received a significant settlement as a result of injuries from the sexual harassment, despite having only minimal wage loss and medical expenses.
  • $325,000 –
    Male Plaintiff Sexually Harassed and Retaliated Against by His Female Supervisor at a Local Company

    Plaintiff, a male in his early thirties was very submissive by nature and had been abused by girlfriends in the past. Plaintiff worked alone with defendant female supervisor who lived on the premises of the company with her husband. Plaintiff claimed that the supervisor came on to him and attempted to engage him in a sexual relationship, which he resisted. During litigation, the supervisor denied any attraction to plaintiff, and claimed she was deeply in love with her husband and would never engage in such conduct towards plaintiff. Winer and McKenna was able to establish evidence that tended to indicate that the female supervisor was attracted to plaintiff and did make sexual advances towards him at various points during his employment. Further, Winer and McKenna established numerous acts of retaliation by the company, which occurred after plaintiff reported his claim. Plaintiff was forced to transfer to a worse location and Winer and McKenna was able to find emails which indicated that the company was trying to force plaintiff out because of the perception that he was a trouble maker.
  • $317,000 –
    Two Female Grocery Store Clerks Sexually Harassed by Department Supervisor Learn More
  • $312,500 –
    Female Sales Person for Large Mall Chain Sexually Harassed by Supervisor

    Plaintiff, a woman in her twenties, was a sales associate for a national mall chain store. Her supervisor allegedly sexually harassed her, and plaintiff received injuries as a result of the sexual harassment. The company denied any responsibility for the sexual harassment, but Winer and McKenna, through aggressive litigation, established that the sexual harassment likely occurred and that plaintiff suffered significant injuries as a result of the sexual harassment.
  • $309,000 –
    Female Employee in Her Early Twenties Sexually Harassed on a Business Trip by Her Supervisor

    On a number of business trips which plaintiff was forced to go on with her supervisor, (despite complaining about earlier trips in which the supervisor acted inappropriately), defendant supervisor sexually harassed plaintiff. The harassment consisted of attempting to engage in sexual activities with plaintiff in her motel room and on car drives to sales appointments. Plaintiff was psychologically injured as a result of the supervisor’s misconduct. Despite denying any wrong doing, defendants settled on the courtroom steps on the day of trial.
  • $302,973 –
    Plaintiff Sexually Harassed and Discriminated Against by a Manufacturing Company

    Plaintiff, a woman in her thirties, was sexually harassed by her supervisor at a manufacturing company. In addition to the sexual harassment, plaintiff was also discriminated against based upon her gender. The company denied any misconduct and denied that plaintiff was fired as a result of complaining of sexual harassment by her supervisor. Winer and McKenna litigated the case and was able to find evidence which tended to indicate the validity of plaintiff’s claims of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination and the case was settled after extensive litigation.
  • $300,000 –
    Two Male Employees Sexually Harassed at Large National Company

    Plaintiffs were dock workers for a large national company. They were sexually harassed by supervisors who perceived them to be gay. Plaintiffs’ supervisors made extremely offensive comments based upon this perception, and engaged in sexual gestures aimed at plaintiffs. The company defended the case, claiming that plaintiffs and the alleged offending supervisors were just engaging in horse-play and that plaintiffs “gave as good as they got.” Winer and McKenna, through extensive litigation, established that plaintiffs were, in fact, mistreated based upon their perceived sexual orientation and that the supervisors engaged in inappropriate conduct of a sexual harassing nature. Neither plaintiff sought psychotherapeutic treatment.
  • $300,000 –
    Woman in Her 30s Claimed Sexual Harassment And Retaliation Against Supervisor with Whom She Had A Prior Consensual Relationship Learn More
  • $300,000 –
    18 Year Old Girl Sexually Harassed by Store Manager Learn More
  • $300,000 --
    Two Toddlers Abused at Home Day Care by Drunk Owner Learn More
  • $300,000 --
    Two Women Sexually Abused by Doctor -- Husband Becomes Angry and Retaliates Learn More
  • $300,000 --
    College Student Sexually Abused by Counselor Who Undermines Her Religious Beliefs Learn More
  • $300,000 --
    Woman in Southern California Brings Therapist Exploitation Case Learn More
  • $300,000 --
    Psychiatrist Violates Boundaries of Therapy with Female Multiple Personality Disordered Patient Learn More
  • $300,000 --
    Woman Looking for Psychological Help Ends up Being Sexually Abused by Psychotherapist Learn More
  • $300,000 --
    Woman Raped in Sauna at Her Large Apartment Complex Learn More
  • $290,000 –
    Mentally Disabled Woman in Her 40s Sexually Harassed by Coworker in a Department Store Learn More
  • $280,000 -
    Male in His Twenties Alleges Sexual Harassment Against a Supervisor Learn More
  • $275,000 –
    Settlement for Retaliation Only Case on Behalf of a Female Plaintiff in Her Thirties

    Winer and McKenna represented plaintiff in a prior sexual harassment case. Following the resolution of that sexual harassment case, plaintiff claimed that the company retaliated against her for her complaints and for availing herself of her rights, denying her promotions and subjecting her to ridicule.
  • $275,000 –
    Female Government Employee in Her 30s Sexually Harassed by Department Supervisor Learn More
  • $275,000 --
    Husband and Wife Allege Deception by a Psychologist Who Was Running a Therapy Cult Learn More
  • Confidential Settlement --
    Plaintiff Fired after Reporting Toxic Waste Company to Federal Agency for Illegal Practices Learn More
  • $265,000 --
    Woman Wins Settlement in Case Where Therapist Denies Sexual Misconduct Learn More
  • $260,000 --
    Two Women Sexually Harassed by Executive of a National Accessory Company Learn More
  • $250,000 –
    Male Plaintiff Sexually Harassed by a Male Supervisor

    Plaintiff, a male in his twenties, was sexually harassed by his male supervisor. The company defended the case by claiming that plaintiff and supervisor were simply engaged in horse-play and not sexual harassment. Winer and McKenna established the sexual nature of defendant’s misconduct and obtained fair compensation on behalf of plaintiff.
  • $250,000 –
    Young Woman Sexually Harassed by Supervisor at Government Agency Learn More
  • $250,000 –
    Woman in Her Late 20s Sexually Harassed by Supervisor of a Non-Profit Learn More
  • $250,000 --
    Settlement in Favor of Male Hispanic Racial/National Origin and Sexual Harassment Victim Learn More
  • $250,000 --
    Two Housekeepers Sue Hotel for Sexual Harassment by its General Manager Learn More
  • $250,000 --
    Sexual Harassment of Young Woman Clerk at Large Grocery Chain by Supervisor Learn More
  • $250,000 --
    Woman Seeking Treatment for Chronic Pain Over-Medicated and Sexually Abused by Pain Specialist Learn More
  • $250,000 --
    Unwitting Reality Show Participant Suffers Psychological Breakdown Learn More
  • $234,500 –
    Plaintiff Female Porn Star Sexually Harassed at Communication Company
    After Someone in the Communication Company Discovered that She Had Participated in Pornographic Movies

    Plaintiff freely admitted that she participated in pornographic movies, but decided to leave the pornography industry to “go straight” and establish a career in business. While she was attempting to establish that career, one of her supervisors found out that she was in the porn industry and distributed her pornographic movies to her co-workers and sexually harassed her based on the fact she had been in the movies. Plaintiff was devastated by the fact that she was not able to escape her past and that a single supervisor had destroyed her career. Winer and McKenna was able to establish the nature of plaintiff’s devastation as a result of a legitimate desire to go straight, yet, to have her past haunt her as a result of a supervisor violating California sexual harassment laws.
  • $225,000 –
    Female Employee Sexually Harassed by Manager

    Plaintiff, a woman in her early thirties worked for a large firm. A manager of that firm frequently made sexual advances towards her, and attempted to sexually assault plaintiff. The manager denied the conduct, and the company performed an inadequate investigation which excused the manager’s conduct. Winer and McKenna litigated the case established that the sexual harassment more than likely occurred and that the company failed in its responsibility to perform an adequate investigation due to the inexperience of the investigators.
  • $225,000 –
    Three Employees of Upscale Hotel Chain Sexually Harassed by A Supervisor Learn More
  • $225,000 –
    Woman Claims Retaliation and Termination Based on Her Bringing a Sexual Harassment Complaint Learn More
  • $225,000 –
    Male Personal Trainer Claims Sexual Dysfunction After Being Sexually Harassed by Supervisor Learn More
  • $222,000 –
    Female Employee in Her 20s Sexually Harassed by Supervisor of a Tech Company while Traveling to India Learn More
  • $210,000 –
    Thirty Year Old Male Sexually Harassed in a Northern California Hotel

    Plaintiff, a thirty-year-old male, worked at the desk of a hotel in Northern California. He claimed that his supervisor sexually harassed him by coming on to him and engaging in various inappropriate sexual innuendo. The company denied any responsibility for the supervisor’s actions, however, witness testimony demonstrated that plaintiff was more likely than not sexually harassed and injured by that sexual harassment.
  • $210,000 –
    Young Woman Sexually Harassed by Supervisor Learn More
  • $200,000 –
    African American Woman Sexually Harassed at Her Company

    Plaintiff, an African American woman in her twenties was sexually harassed by a supervisor at her company. The company defended the claim by attacking plaintiff, claiming that she had been fired from a prior job for watching pornography and, in fact, was a former member of the pornographic industry. Plaintiff vehemently denied these attacks; however, defendants were able to establish some evidence that she had been fired from a prior job based on the pornography. Winer and McKenna, arguing trial what happened at a prior job was irrelevant. Winer and McKenna refocused the case at the sexual harassment at the current job. As a result, Winer and McKenna was able to obtain a good settlement on behalf of plaintiff based upon establishing that she had, in fact, likely been harassed at her current employment.
  • $200,000 –
    Woman in Early 30s Sexually Harassed by Her Supervisor at a Truck Dealership Learn More
  • $185,000 –
    Plaintiff Date Raped by a Fellow Student at a Large University

    Plaintiff, a female college student, brought this case against the perpetrator who she claimed date raped her after they met at a campus brewery. Plaintiff voluntarily went to the dorm room of the perpetrator, however, when she tried to leave, the perpetrator allegedly falsely imprisoned plaintiff and sexually attacked her, though he did not fully penetrate her. Winer and McKenna by carefully pleading the case was able to get the perpetrator’s home owner’s insurance company to pay for a significant settlement, despite the fact that the insurance company claimed that there were sexual act exclusions which prevented them from paying any money at all.
  • $195,000 –
    Woman Sexual Harassed by Supervisor at Transportation Company Learn More
  • $184,250 –
    Casting Couch Sexual Harassment Case on Behalf of A Seventeen Year Old Heterosexual Male Sexually Harassed by Gay Film Producers Learn More
  • $175,000 –
    Two Year Old Boy Fell Off Playground Equipment at a Daycare Center and Fractured His Arm

    Plaintiff, a two year old boy was climbing on some equipment in the backyard of a daycare without adequate supervision, when he fell off the equipment, fracturing his arm. The owner and employees of the daycare attempted to avoid responsibility by coming up with multiple stories as to how plaintiff hurt himself, blaming plaintiff instead of accepting accountability for their actions. Winer and McKenna established that plaintiff was, in fact, inadequately supervised, and that even though the equipment was in good shape, the young boy should not have been allowed to climb such a large piece of equipment and should have been more closely supervised. Further, through medical testimony, Winer and McKenna provided evidence that the young boy had a chance of having significant problems in the future as a result of his arm fracture.
  • $175,000 –
    Woman in Her Forties Sexually Harassed, Not Because of Her Attractiveness, but Rather Because of Her Perceived Unattractiveness

    Plaintiff, a woman in her forties, worked for a blue-collar industry company in which she was the only female employee. This was not a typical sexual harassment case in which a woman was hit-on because of her attractiveness. Rather, the male supervisors in the company consistently made fun of plaintiff for being obese and unattractive. They engaged in juvenile behavior such as making fun of her, calling her names, telling her that she smelled, and consistently demeaning her. When Winer and McKenna took the case, the company did not want to pay any money for settlement because of the unusual nature of the case and the fact that it was clear that none of the defendants sexually harassed plaintiff because of her attractiveness. Through the course of litigation, Winer and McKenna convinced the defense and a mediator that plaintiff did suffer significant emotional injuries because of the way she was demeaned and made fun of, despite her hard work.
  • $175,000 -
    Twenty Five Year Old Woman Sues a Temp Agency and The Company That Employed Her For Sexual Harassment Learn More
  • $175,000 –
    Janitorial Worker Subjected to Sexual Harassment by Two Co-Workers Learn More
  • $150,000 –
    Male Police Officer Sexually Abused by Chiropractor in Southern California

    A male police officer received an on-the-job back injury. He sought the treatment of a chiropractor who amongst other things grabbed plaintiff’s genitals during a single appointment. The chiropractor denied the sexual conduct, but the police officer was highly creditable at his deposition and Winer and McKenna was able to obtain a settlement for this one time sexual assault, despite the fact that the officer did not receive any psychological treatment.
  • $160,000 –
    Sexually Harassed Woman Obtains Settlement Against Restaurant Learn More
  • $150,000 –
    Woman Alleges Sexual Harassment at Retail Store, and Retaliation After she Complained about It, Which Forced Her to Resign Learn More
  • $1,000,000 –
    Woman Sexually Harassed by Boss is Asked to Transfer and Not Given Merited Raise Learn More
  • $1,000,000 –
    Sexually Harassed by Boss, Company Said “She Led Him On" Learn More
  • $5,000,000 –
    Executive Assistant Pursued by Married Supervisor with a Crush Learn More
  • $5,000,000 –
    Female’s Supervisor Made Repeated Disgusting Remarks and Physically Assaulted Her Learn More
  • $585,000 –
    Male Janitor Sexually Harassed by Male Supervisor Learn More
  • $995,000 –
    Two Women Harassed By Boss, Then Fired After Complaining Learn More