Is Unwanted Attention Sexual Harassment?

Unwanted attention from someone in a work environment can be sexual harassment. Even casual flirting that begins as innocent fun can take a turn to inappropriate conduct such as:

  • Lewd propositions or getting hit on
  • Comments about your or someone else's body
  • Cat calls
  • Offensive gestures, jokes, innuendos or slurs
  • Suggestive or obscene notes or invitations
  • Leering looks
  • Touching or grabbing
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Stalking

In many cases, just one occurrence of severe inappropriate or unwanted attention could qualify as sexual harassment. If the conduct is repetitive and unwanted, you can be almost certain that it is sexual harassment. It should be reported, and you should consult a dedicated sexual harassment attorney in California.

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Unwanted Attention As Sexual Harassment Is Common

This type of sexual harassment often goes undocumented and unreported because victims believe that they brought the attention on themselves, or they feel powerless. You have rights, and your human dignity should be respected. You do not have to put up with unwanted attention of a sexual nature.

At Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP, we give a voice to the disempowered, and we have proven results. We protect our clients and hold employers accountable for not preventing and not recognizing that sexual harassment is occurring within their company. We also prosecute any kind of retaliation (e.g., job loss, reduced pay, verbal, physical or implied threats, etc.) related to discrimination or harassment. Your employer can be held strictly liable if any employee retaliates because of a sexual harassment claim.

Every case we handle is different, but we put the full resources of our law firm into every case that we handle. Our attorneys are top-rated sexual harassment litigators in the U.S., and we serve clients throughout California. We know how to show evidence of harassment and build solid cases for maximum damage compensation, including career, emotional, physical and financial damages.

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