Requests For Sexual Favors At Work

Co-workers, supervisors, employers, contractors and vendors can all be involved in scenarios that could amount to sexual harassment. In the workplace or not, an unwelcome request for a sexual favor from a person with whom you work is tantamount to sexual harassment.

A request for a sexual favor of any sort, no matter how obscene, should be discussed with an experienced attorney. Reporting the incident to a human resources manager might be your next step, but discussing your legal options and how to properly file a complaint with an attorney should come first.

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In The Workplace Or Not, A Request For A Sex Act Could Be Sexual Harassment

What if your employer or another high-ranking executive asked you for a sexual favor?

Employers are strictly liable when an incident of sexual harassment is perpetrated by a supervisor. If the perpetrator requests a sexual favor in exchange for any type of other favor (e.g., a raise, promotion, reason not to exact disciplinary action, sexual favor, etc.), this is "quid pro quo" sexual harassment — this for that.

You Are NOT In The Wrong — Speak With Our Lawyers

At Winer, McKenna & Burritt, LLP, we understand difficult situations and how to handle threats. In many cases that we handle, our clients' jobs and careers are being threatened. If anyone retaliates against you for filing a sexual harassment claim, your employer can be held strictly liable under the law. Our attorneys have decades of experience. Our firm is recognized as a top sexual harassment law firm in the U.S., and we build your case for success at trial from the start. We can pursue compensation for career damages, emotional damages, physical damages and financial damages.

Workers are protected by enforceable, authoritative sexual harassment laws in California. Every occupation from waitress to teacher to banker is protected by the U.S. Civil Rights Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. Men and women alike can be adversely affected and damaged as targets of sexual harassment, and each gender has the same legal rights of seeking protection and obtaining compensation for damages.

California Workplace Harassment Attorneys

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We do not represent perpetrators of sexual harassment or those who are accused of sexually harassing behavior.